Honcho allows you to export your Procfile configuration into other formats. Basic usage:

$ honcho export FORMAT LOCATION

Exporters for upstart and supervisord formats are shipped with Honcho.


The following command will create a myapp.conf file in the /etc/supervisor/conf.d directory:

$ honcho export -a myapp supervisord /etc/supervisor/conf.d

Or, for the upstart exporter:

$ honcho export -a myapp upstart /etc/init

By default, one of each process type will be started. You can change this by specifying the --concurrency option to honcho export.

Adding support for new export formats

You can add support for new export formats by writing plugins. Honcho discovers export plugins with the entry points mechanism of setuptools. Export plugins take the form of a class with render and get_template_loader methods that inherits from honcho.export.base.BaseExport. Inside the render() method, you can fetch templates using the ~honcho.export.base.BaseExport.get_template method.

For example, here is a hypothetical exporter that writes out simple shell scripts for each process:

import jinja2

from honcho.export.base import BaseExport

class SimpleExport(BaseExport):
    def get_template_loader(self):
        return jinja2.PackageLoader(package_name=__package__,

    def render(self, processes, context):
        tpl = get_template('run.sh')

        for p in processes:
            filename = 'run-{0}.sh'.format(p.name)
            ctx = context.copy()
            ctx['process'] = p
            script = tpl.render(ctx)

By writing an exporter in this way (specifically, by inheriting BaseExport), you make it possible for users of your exporter to override the exporter’s default templates using the --template-dir option to honcho export.

In order for your export plugin to be detected by Honcho, you will need to register your exporter class under the honcho_exporters entrypoint. If we were shipping our hypothetical SimpleExport class in a package called honcho_export_simple, our setup.py might look something like the following:

from setuptools import setup

        'honcho_exporters': [

After installing the package, the new export format will be shown by the honcho export command.